Teacher Bulletin | Volume 14

Instruction, with the Heart-beat of Christ

We are delighted your search brought you to Teacher Bulletin Volume 14! As you scroll through the units, you should know there are several other units which may be found on this site or are available on DVD. If you are looking for an instructional activity to capture students’ interest and provide transition to a new topic, using a Teacher Bulletin unit will facilitate a perfect transition. If your school is taking a field trip and some students are left in the classroom, the units in Teacher Bulletin can be left with the substitute teacher to provide a rich learning experience for those students.   Teacher Bulletin units are created with the busy teacher in mind—everything needed is included. Teachers who have a heart for Christ write the units in Teacher Bulletin. Christian values are woven into each unit. As you peruse the units, you will find ideas that will spark the interest of your students and create an exciting and creative classroom culture.