To submit a teaching unit for publication, contents must include the following:

  • Title Page 
  • Table of Contents 

  • Unit introduction/overview

     - grade level

     - student objectives/outcomes

     - length of unit (number of class periods)

  • NAD Standards and Key Learnings
  • Integration of Faith and Learning
  • Annotated Internet links (both teacher & student use)

  • Components for at least 3 core subjects 

  • Integrated faith/learning throughout 

  • Project based learning activities 
integrated with technology components
  • Rubrics for any included projects 

  • Ways your unit can be taught in several different settings (one room, multi-grade, straight grade, etc.)
  • Resource section - featuring both print and electronic resources

Optional Components:

  • Music and/or art activity 

  • PowerPoint or Prezi presentations
  • Movie clips of unit being taught
  • Podcast featuring a part of the unit

  • Additional technology features

All contents of the unit, including graphics, must be original or licensed for public use. The unit should be in electronic form and ready for publishing. A hard copy of the unit must accompany the electronic file. Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect are the preferred files. All submissions will become the property of the Atlantic Union Conference. A stipend is available based on acceptance.

Submit units to:

Atlantic Union Conference Office of Education

P.O. Box 1189, S. Lancaster, MA 01561 or by phone: 978-368-8333 x 3020