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The Human Body-A SMART Unit

The Human Body is an awesome thing.  Imagine what fun God had in designing us!  The Human Body is a SMART unit – geared specifically for use in one-room schools.  However, the ideas and plans are easily adapted for students at any level in the 1-8 situation.

What Is SMART?

SMART is an acronym standing for Science Management And Resource Tool. It is a document that was developed by teachers and administrators in the Ohio Conference and adopted by the NAD as a science curriculum designed for small schools. Taken directly from the NAD Curriculum Guides, lower grade topics and objectives have been meshed with those of upper grades so that the one-room or small school teacher can teach the same science topic across grades. It is arranged in a four year cycle and all topics are covered.

SMART Units are being written to provide not only a framework to teach science across grades, but also daily lesson plans and materials specifying how the teacher can manage upper and lower grades at the same time. These lesson plans incorporate cooperative learning, activities teaching to multiple intelligences, optional cross curricular projects and a hands-on approach. It is hoped that these materials will be a source of encouragement to small school teachers and their students.