Teacher Bulletin | Volume 7

Volume 7 Resources: Inspirational Stories & Worship Thoughts

The material included in this section is appropriate for sharing with both students and colleagues.  You will find worship ideas, inspirational thoughts, and other spiritually geared material.

Be sure to investigate the PowerPoint presentations.  They will be a blessing to all who view them.

No Apologies is a presentation based on the article written by James Nix.  No Apologies are necessary for being brought up a Seventh-day Adventist.  Sound files are included for the hymns that Mr. Nix includes in the talk.  It is a large download and may take some time depending on your Internet connection.

Rich leads us to realize that being "rich" has nothing to do with material things.  The question to ask is NOT what can I get - but what can I give...

Words - challenges you to find word to describe your life . . ..